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Yard Card Greetings

Sending Big Love in Big Letters

Custom Greeting allows up to 24 characters.

Up to 24 characters for custom message. $25 Fee Applies

Grass, Rocks, Gravel, Mixture, Concrete

Extra day rentals $25

We will do all we can to accomodate each request.

Our Full happy birthday sets can measure up to 20ft in length.

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By booking with Boise Yard Card, you accept the following agreement:
Rental & Reservation Agreement

- Once Request for booking is sent a final invoice will be sent as confirmation we can fulfill your order.
· Your payment secures your date. Without payment, there is no service.
· Please take care of lawn service and water your lawn the day before installation to help make the greetings pop!
· Take all the photos you want of the Boise Yard Card greeting and feel free to post them all over social media. Please tag us @boiseyardcard
· Please do not move the letters or accents, lean or play on, attach balloons to, or mow or weed-eat around them. You will be billed $20 for damages per letter or accents.
· If you order a display for someone else’s yard, please make sure someone in the house knows we will be installing the card. We do not want to get shot or alarm anyone when we are putting around in their yard.
· You agree to indemnify Boise Yard Card and all its representatives for any injury or damage that may be caused to any person or personal property during your rental of the display. We also indemnify you if we gouge ourselves while we are setting up the display.

- If the pair of balloon columns were added to order customer will have choice of three (3) colors. Columns will be delivered at time of set up. The balloons are for the customer to keep if they so choose but the stands that hold the balloons must be ready to be picked up outside by time of pick up which occurs by 7:30pm at end of rental. A replacement fee will apply if stands are missing or damaged.

Refund Agreement
· If the weather prevents us from your installation, we will contact you as soon as possible to reschedule or refund your money. The potential for high winds can also mean we have to reschedule your Yard Card greeting.
· No refunds will be given if you give us the wrong address!
· Also, no refunds if you order a sign for someone else’s yard, and they call us to come get it.
· Have a gate code or security patrol in your neighborhood? Make sure to give us the gate code and notify security that we are coming. There will be no refunds if we are not allowed access to set up your Boise Yard Card.

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